Who we are

Alliance Arts was established to give those with an interest for the arts, the opportunity to participate without having any previous skill. We are a team that pride ourselves on bringing communities together whilst transforming people into aspiring healthy individuals. Starting as a concept founded by Torron-Lee Dewar in 2010, the core values reflected on improving the lack of positive outlets available in the community. Alliance Arts has been a foundation for 1000's of aspiring artists in Britain through not only our own services but also via our outlets in schools, colleges and other organisations. Our dance classes and creative services have been a successful platform for many.


The founder encourages many people of all ages to get involved in the arts and his creativity has travelled both nationally and internationally, recently being honoured a BCAa for Service to Arts presented at the Palace of Westminster. The British Citizen Award (BCA) is one of the country's highest accolades.


Our work has been proven to transform lives and has taken young people away exposure to street crime, self-harming, depression and a variety of social issues. When individuals join Alliance Arts, they realise they can become more than what they thought they could be. Our artists inspire the minds of people across the country to work hard and express the things that matter, whilst changing the stereotypical portrayal of those from less fortunate backgrounds. The founder is also an author and is an ambassador of The Spirit of London Awards which was created by the Damilola Taylor Trust in 2009. Since our inception, we have gone on to be nominated for awards in several major cities which is a true testament to our commitment in providing the best possible service to our beneficiaries.

"The great thing about Alliance Arts is individuals who wouldn’t normally cross paths do so, and end up learning so much from each other. That's what makes their vision so uniquely strong."


Dame Mary Perkins DBE Founder of Specsavers & Torron-Lee Dewar BCAa at the British Citizen Awards, London