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We collaborate with diverse partner organisations that share our vision and values. Our resources page showcases these impactful organisations, amplifying our collective efforts in empowering young people, promoting mental well-being, and fostering creativity through the arts. Explore our network and discover the inspiring work they do in making a difference.


Action Isleworth Mothers (AIM)


Action Isleworth Mothers (AIM) is a completely free, confidential and independent community support service for mothers and young people affected by issues connected to serious youth violence in the London Borough of Hounslow. Issues can include exploitation, fear of harm, the negative impact of exclusions or incarceration, behavioural and family issues, violence in the home, adverse historical familial or childhood trauma. 

Brentford Voice

Brentford Voice have six groups who work across the following issues – Planning, Green and environment, Conservation and heritage, Transport and streets, Town Centre and Brentford Vison. They meet regularly to identify issues which affect Brentford and our community then create projects and formalise action plans all of which are aimed at improving where we live and work, AND reinforce our mantra of ‘People who do something’.


Damilola Taylor Trust

The Damilola Taylor Trust believe that every young person should have the opportunity to live their lives free of fear and violence, fulfilling their potential so that they can face the future with confidence and optimism. Damilola’s father, Richard Taylor OBE, set up the Trust as a memorial to his son with the aim of providing a legacy of hope and opportunity for disadvantaged and under privileged young people.

No Shame In Running

No Shame in Running is a community led organisation spearheaded by Garvin and his team, with a mission to eradicate violence by creating space for compassion within our community. They offer a variety of workshops including boxing, mentoring and well-being based programmes from The Hanworth Centre and around West London.


Focused on changing minds across England and Wales by making mental health an everyday priority. By standing up to the injustices – in healthcare, in work, in law – which make life harder for those of us with mental health problems. Mind offer help whenever you might need it through information, advice and local services. Bringing together an unstoppable network of individuals and communities – people who care about mental health to make a difference.

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