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How To Sponsor & Donate

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At Alliance Arts, we welcome sponsors and donors with open arms. No matter how big or small the contribution is, you can be certain that your donation will make a difference to communities.


Being a charity, we rely on help from all sources in order to fullfil our aims and goals. By donating to us, you are helping to maintain and promote arts in the community... helping us to stand firmly in what we believe in. More and more recreational spaces are being lost due to the development of new homes, so the arts needs a voice to speak up for it.

Alliance Arts brings individuals together from various ages and all walks of life, fostering the upmost respect for one another whilst learning to work as a team. It doesn't take long for us to transform unconfident individuals into bold aspiring artists. There is a need for services like ours to exist, and it's our mission to keep the momentum running high!

If you/your company would like to donate directly, please email us at

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