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What can I say. I loved the show! I came with my 5 year old daughter and my only regret was that I didn't bring the whole family.  The way Alliance used a multimedia approach to tell the story, making it so much more than a dance show, was fantastic. The performers were incredible.


Was so good to see a mix of talent and experience, and younger and older dancers represented together. The children looked so happy to be part of such a quality show. The smiles were infectious and there was comedy too. The energy was transferred to the audience. All the main characters of the show were brilliant, true stars. I particularly loved 'Daddy Warbucks', Annie and Miss Hannigan. I look forward to the next production and will be bringing all my family and friends. 


I have been dancing with Alliance for years now, the way we all put in hard work and come together as a team is amazing, I have never felt so at home with people who are not my blood family. Many times I have gone through things on the outside world that were not easy to overcome, but when I come to Alliance and feel that tension and negativity from the outside world disappear, when I am dancing with this great team I feel positive and happy inside.


Thank you Alliance for adding positivity to my life, something to work on and look forward to each week. Love this team!


My son didn't have the best confidence in himself, he was quite shy and was having some trouble with some local kids in the area, we felt if he joined a dance group this would help him as dancing made him extremely happy. He was welcomed with open arms by The Alliance Team and their students. Torron-Lee boosted his confidence up so quickly and offered him so much support. He helped him through an exceptionally hard time when he lost his sister at age 16 and also having to cope with the pressure of his GCSE's.


The founder has shown ongoing initiative, leadership and determination. His energy and commitment makes him a role model. ADU have enriched the lives of others, particularly those who are vulnerable or less able to help themselves.


Thank you so much for being part of RichDance 2019- The whole weekend was utterly fantastic. We were all feeling very emotional by the end of the performance yesterday: your dancers brought so much to RichDance & it was a privilege to be part of such an uplifting & inspiring event.


Some quotes from the audience over the weekend:


“Loved them all. Wonderful performances”

“A great deal of young talent”


“Very impressive & moving”

“I enjoyed the variety of performances, the energy, the mix of styles & the messages”


It was wonderful to see/meet you all - my team had such fun working on Saturday & Sunday. I hope your groups enjoyed their RichDance2019 experience & that your dancers went home very proud of themselves & inspired to dance more!


Alliance was the most wonderful and welcoming environment to be a part of. I made many lifelong friends, as well as became a better dancer. Torron is an exceptional mentor and person to be around.


I really hope they can stick around to help other young Londoners find themselves in a great hobby and community, just like I did.


The work Alliance has done so far is amazing. I cherish the short time that I was there. Keep on being an inspiration, and I wish you the very best of luck. Greetings from Paris :)​


Our children are this country's future, we need to influence them as positively as we can as early as possible, to show them there is another way of life and to give them a safe place to express themselves and to be amongst positive people. Alliance Arts are building a new community, away from the crime and hopefully laying the path for a more optimistic future.


Alliance continue their activities steadily and prove their efforts on a daily basis to their networks and the world. Their team contributes to society with determination through their highly regarded activities.


Combination Dance Company has had the pleasure of working with Torron-Lee Dewar BCAa of Alliance Arts for over 8 years, and we are proud to collaborate with him. His personal performing and teaching skills are of the highest standard.


This combined with his work ethic and enthusiasm places him as a key role model for young people and dance enthusiasts in the UK. Torron-Lee toured in Switzerland, Manchester & London as part of the MND Awareness shows, teaching individuals about scientific facts via the art of performance and interactive pieces.


 I have seen first hand, the impact this fabulous arts company has had on the local community. Alliance brings together young people from all different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds - but all with a shared disadvantage - they are all from vulnerable backgrounds and mostly trapped in the cycle of deprivation. Torron-Lee is working on breaking that cycle. How? By acting as a very positive role model and through getting vulnerable young people off the street and into a creative and inspiring learning environment! Torron-Lee and Alliance deserve every recognition and accolade available! They might be a small charity, but the impact they have on the local community is huge. Congratulations to all involved! 


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